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    Zoning is an ideal way to help your customers maximize comfort while enjoying energy savings. Honeywell’s Hydronic Zoning Panels feature simplified setup and reduced wiring for quick installation.


    • Compatible with most thermostats, including power-stealing and electromechanical models
    • C-terminal available for every thermostat connection
    • The LED panel is visible and functional whether the cover is on or off, saving troubleshooting time
    • The gravitycentered hang hole speeds mounting, and the included DIN rail mounting system offers an additional option
    • Easy-tounderstand labels coded to wire colors increase installation speed and decrease the risk of errors
    • The covered control board reduces visual clutter and provides a surface for clear, plain language labeling

    Product Specifications

    Hydronic zoning for homes with a central boiler, 5 zones controlling zone valves
    Dimensions (in.)
    7-1/2 in. high x 11-3/4 in. wide x 2-1/8 in. deep
    Dimensions (mm)
    190 mm high x 298 mm wide x 54 mm deep
    (2) 24V 40 VA transformer
    Used With
    Connected or non-connected thermostats including power stealing
    For 5 Zones; Has LED display and Priority Zone Control
    Item Type
    Electrical Ratings
    For Pump End Switch and Priority Pump- 120 VAC 5A @ FL, 30A @ LR
    60 Hz
    Approvals, Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
    Certified to UL Standards
    Approvals, Canadian Standards Association
    CSA C/US Certified to CSA Standards
    Electrical Connections
    Quick screw terminals and wire ground
    120 Vac, 1Ph
    Electrical Ratings, Burner
    For Main Burner, End Switch Burner, and Zones-24V, 1A